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In the forgotten centenary of Géradmer in Verdun, a singular route of memory. "Our purpose is not to give you an academic lecture with facts and figures, but rather to arouse your emotions." Through this conference-animation, Patrick Germain and his sister Véronique return on the course of their grand-uncle, Emile Claude, reserve lieutenant disappeared on the Battlefields of Verdun on June 8, 1916. A personal approach, a research work guided by the heart, for an appointment with this grandfather [...]

Yesterday afternoon, we received about twenty young footballers from the training center of Stade de Reims. The reason for their coming? The third edition of the Open Football Club, of which ONACVG is a partner. The Open Football Club is a civic and cultural program with the objective of offering interventions of associations or cultural structures to young people from professional football training centers and aspiring centers. here, ONACVG's action revolved around the history of football throu [...]